Brown Girls in the Boardroom

Brown Girls in the Boardroom (BGBR) was launched as a result of our founder looking around many of the Corporate Boardrooms and realizing that there is no one else in the room that resembles her. She quickly learned that perhaps her passion to help empower young girls should start with letting them know that they have a voice and they too can be heard in the Boardroom.

The Boardroom does not solely represent the Corporate Boardroom, but it signifies having a seat at the table and being able to make leadership decisions.  BGBR offers the lens of hope which will allow girls to see their possibilities. BGBR fills in the gaps and reminds girls that they are not alone and provides needed answers girls may not have had before. BGBR provides access to a bigger world because our mentors give girls exposure they may not otherwise get; and in some instances, did not know they needed. BGBR will work to increase academic interest and performance because we encourage educational excellence. BGBR will build confidence and self-esteem by showing unconditional love, support and care.

BGBR will also provide leadership and career grooming for women who want to blaze their own trail in life and business. Whether it’s a career change or wanting upward mobility, we can assist you on your journey.

We are a Not for Profit organization championing the next generation of female leaders through our innovative, multi-generational training initiatives. As we foster a strong female community, BGBR is building a brighter future for all girls and women and helping them become who they secretly dream of being.


To provide training, development and mentoring to women and girls who are otherwise undeserved. Our objective is to create a full-proof program that enables them to walk away with the tools necessary to live life filled with confidence, courage and influence.

For Girls:

  • Mentorship

  • STEM Camps

  • Soft Skills Training

  • Tutoring

For College Ladies:

  • Public Speaking

  • STEM Career Camps

  • Internship Placement

  • Leadership Training

For Professional Women:

  • Build your Brand

  • STEM Leadership

  • Critical Conversations

  • Increasing your Net Worth

What We Offer

  • Our mentors are individuals who care about growth and development.

  • We support a practice which promotes the expansion of knowledge.

  • We help individuals with Personal Branding by identifying their assets


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